I decided to never get married..then I met my husband..

This is not one of those sob stories ‘woes me, my parents broke up so I lost all faith in love’. It is also not one of those stories where girl meets boy, knows he is the one then pulls down every wall she ever had up to protect her. Okay maybe a little like the latter.

Yes, my parents did break up when I was 13. Yes it was super super hard and yes I guess it had some impact on how I felt about relationships. In saying that though, I had a pretty steady relationship with a boy from 13 years of age right up until I turned 18. Maybe it was the way that ended that made me decide marriage was most certainly not for me.. Either way, it was how I felt. I also toyed with the idea that babies weren’t for me either..but more on that later!

My early 20s were full of studying, partying, working, travelling and boys! I moved house every year, said yes to every opportunity that got offered to me and I decided being a successful events manager was where I was meant to be. Travelling the world, planning events, staying up all night and meeting guy after guy with no risk of a relationship. That was my ideal lifestyle.

Fast forward to the year I turned 25.. There he was. Tall, dark and handsome. Mysterious yet kind. Troubled yet smart. It didn’t take long for me to begin to wonder what it would be like to be married to this human. I begun to realise I could live the life I dreamed with this person. He worked similar hours to me, he survived on sleepless nights and he was younger than me so surely this could remain less serious and more fun for a while… WRONG! 13 months later he was down on one knee, I had a small human in my uterus and the rest is history!

Some times I think, man did we move too fast? Then I look at him, look at our beautiful Ray of sunshine and just know, I am married to a man who swept me off my feet. Made me believe in marriage, made me a mother (which I had no intention of doing) and although there are some bloody hard times, marriage is nice. I am also real about it, marriage some times does not last. This does not mean failure, life is a journey.

Marriage, family and love are all beautiful experiences. They are experiences that require work; Patience, nurture and time. Something I have needed to be reminded of already after only 14 months of marriage. I am human after all.

I have not given up on my dreams, I will still travel the world, I will still be amazing at what I do (planning events or wherever life takes me), I still can survive on sleepless nights and I am doing all of this while being a wife and a mother. Who would have thought!?

Photo by @alisonlouisephotography


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