Why I am proud my $2.85 bottle of wine!

Finding great wine for under $10..
Part 1

I am not ashamed to say I buy 3 -6 bottles of my red wine at every grocery shop. It is considered as a staple in our household. Sometimes I will spend money on wine before I will buy bread or eggs (don’t judge me..!). The go to wine for me over the past 6 months or so is my Precious Earth Shiraz from Aldi. Yes, I am one of those people; ‘ohh you should shop at Aldi’….. ‘guess how much this was from Aldi’…..’guess what I found from Aldi?!’….’Oh Woolworths/Coles…? Are you crazy?? You HAVE to go to Aldi!!’.

Let me tell you a little something about this particular wine from the liquor section in Aldi.

First and foremost, it is $2.85 a bottle (???!!). Secondly, it is fruity, with cherry and plum, it is of a medium weight. This means – well I tell myself this – not only does it taste great while cooking dinner, it is also great to drink with most meals.  It is smooth with a subtle heaviness to it.  Look, it can also remain pretty drinkable for 3-4 days (A friend told me, I am yet to take that long to drink a bottle). Finally, it is an Australian product, South Australia to be exact and I bloody love my South Australian Shiraz!

Image result for precious earth shiraz

This will be the first of a series of blogs taking you through my cheap wine addiction and fascination. Of course I love a good fine wine. However being on a bit of a tough wicket the last 3 years I have sought out the best of the best in the under $10 price range and I am here to spread the word!

Thank me later!


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