Myths about a bridal party..


So your soul mate has proposed, you have the perfect wedding in mind and it is now time to ask your bridal party to be a part of your day. Every person has a different idea on what their bridal party should look like. If you are like me, you picture your best friends standing up beside you, the ones you love the most. Others only have siblings or sibling in laws. Some people have 2 in the bridal party, some have their children or parents. Like everything else in your wedding planning, please remember this is your day, you make the decisions like this, not to make others happy but make your day how you imagine. I have put together a list of bridal party myths that may help you in the process of picking your bridal party and all that comes with it. Enjoy!

Myth # 1
You need to have the exact same number of bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Although it does look ‘even’ in photos and standing there in front at the ceremony; does it really matter if one of you has three on one side and six on the other? Once again, it is your day; do not just ask random people to be a part of your day because you need the same amount as your partner. Another reason which I really think shouldn’t be a reason is ‘well she had me as a bridesmaid, I should have her as mine’.   This also leads me to my next point, there is no rule as to how many bridesmaids or groomsmen you must have. If you want one, have one. If you want ten, have ten. If, like me, you have such a great group of best friends you couldn’t imagine missing any of them, ask them! I ended up with six, which worked out well as my husband also asked six. Even if he didn’t have six, I probably still would have! Some people were so shocked when I told them how many I had and my response was always the same: ‘they are my best friends, I couldn’t imagine doing it without them standing by my side’. All six of them have been a significant part of my life for over ten years, some twenty odd years. It was a no brainer!

Myth #2
Your bridesmaids must all wear the same dress

So many brides are now going with the mismatched dresses for their bridesmaids and I am loving it!! I, however went with the same dress for my 6 bridesmaids. They were the dresses which can be worn differently by wrapping the straps. This really worked for my girls as they all suited different styles and they were all able to wear it how they felt most comfortable.

Dresses by psfrocks

This is a reason I think mis-matched dresses work so well! Gone are the days of the ugly identical bridesmaid dresses with the puffy pink sleeves which suit 10% of the population.


Furthermore, not only do your bridemaids not need to wear the same dresses, their hair and make up should differ depending on their style and what they comfortable with. These girls and boys are meant to be the most important people to you that you want to share your day with, don’t make it a day for them to remember as being really uncomfortable and feeling unlike themselves.

Myth # 3
You must pay for everything for your bridal party

Look, in an ideal world it would be amazing to be able to pay for your bridal party’s attire, accommodation, hair and make up. However let’s be real, for us real brides we are already spending so much on the big day.  I would have LOVED to have paid for all 6 of my bridesmaids dresses however that would have been an extra $1000. I approached my girls about this and they were all more than happy to pay for their own as they were just chuffed to be a part of the day. But then again, I have some pretty amazing people on my side. Of course there is also nothing wrong with paying for it all, if you are able to. If you cannot though, do not feel pressured to. Your closest friends should understand.. If not…well.. do I have to say it?

Stay tuned for part 2 of the bridal party tips….


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