Tips for starting the day right

Now before you read the below, please know that I am the master at making my mood quite miserable at the best of times. I am often in the ‘poor me’ mentality. On the most part I try and be as positive about everything that each day brings and by using these tips you can too!

  • Wake up early before the rest of your household; I know this may be hard if you have early rising kids, however trust me even if you wake 15 minutes before anyone else, the silence is incredible.
  • 863bc2c8d6d7724dce7d04c78995ae48Sit in silence while you drink your morning tea or coffee. Try to not scroll through social media during your first cup at least. Social media is so amazing, yet so destroying at the same time. No one wants to start their day wondering why their body doesn’t look as good in a bikini or longing to be on a Greek Island hopping holiday like your ex boyfriend and his new missus.
  • Make yourself a breakfast that you actually say out loud “yum”. . Eggs are a good source of food to improve mood and productivity. A breakfast including carbs, fat and protein is a sure way to brighten your mood and start your day right.
  • Get dressed and ready for the day regardless of your plans. If you plan to work from home – dress like you are going to work. If you have a chill out day at home, dress comfortably but out of your pyjamas. If you are going to work, get dressed and ready before the rest of the household wakes up. If not, you spend the whole morning chasing your tail. We all know getting kids or husbands (my husband anyway) ready in the morning can be unpredictable and quite the process.
  • Plan your day. You are always less likely to do mindless scrolling, self doubting and acting like Debbie Downer if you have a plan to action.
  • Smile! Smile at strangers, smile at the ones you love. Be excited. Even if it is an act, you will find your act will turn out to be the truth. Who can be sad when they are surrounded by smiles?48b1d53acbf4daf3f5e7f7b41fd92fc9‘we should all start to live before we get too old.. Fear is stupid, so are regret’ – Marilyn Monroe xx

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