Social media: Can’t live with it, can’t live without it.

Here I am writing this with no phone reception or internet connection with the sounds of birds chatting, trees swaying in the wind and Spot the dog chewing away at his pigs ear. All the while, I am wondering if anyone has messaged me, anyone has liked my latest Instagram post, I should probably check my bank account – Oh that’s right I need internet to do that! 20190131_084206

The view, the sounds of nature and the quality time spent with my family should be enough. The way of life now with technology, social media and smart phones has made us into creatures of habit and made us feel too comfortable with the easy life, being connected 24/7. Basic things like checking the weather – I only use my phone app. I could turn the TV on and watch the news. Even that now though is full of commercialised bullshit. Sometimes – and some may think I am crazy for saying this – I learn the most from my Facebook feed on real events, real news stories that those morning shows just aren’t showing. Obviously, Facebook is full of shit too but if you follow the right things you can learn and be a part of some real communities. I don’t mean communities like ‘Ashy Bines Clean Eating Program’, ‘Married at First Sight LOLs & Memes’ or ‘Cessnock Memes’ (these are all I am a part of by the way.. I need to revaluate my Facebook page that’s for sure).

I mean communities that have a purpose that help others. I recently spoke to a mother who runs a station in the Flinders Ranges. I met her whilst working at my new job and within a 5 minute conversation she wanted to add me on Facebook. Initially I thought ‘Woah lady back up, I haven’t even added my work friends on here’! Then she explained to me that the parents in the area a part of a community online called ……. It is a National Initiative to get rural kids to an actual school, rather than School of the Air. Now at first I thought it didn’t matter to me, as I plan to have my son back to civilisation by the time he starts school. Then I thought who cares, it is a great initiative, who knows you might end up staying here longer than expected or you may end up in another rural community. Even if you don’t, helping other parents get their children an at school experience is worth joining. Now, most – if not all – my best friends I met in a school environment. I want that for my son and to be honest I want that for other children, other children I don’t even know. So this lady and I are now friends on Facebook and once I get some steady internet service I will be connecting with her and getting involved. The beauty of social media, even in rural Australia it plays a large part.

Someone I love dearly messaged me yesterday to let me know they would be deleting all social media and from now on I need to text or call her actual phone. I totally understand where she is coming from as I too sometimes need a detox from social medias. However, when she messaged me I thought to myself, how dare she, she knows I have no service where I am living and sometimes Wi-Fi is the only option, plus I have a Samsung and cannot Facetime her and her family who I miss so much, so Facebook Messenger is how we would do that! Soon after I came to realise this wasn’t about me. This is about her and her life. It is her choice. With constant internet connection, On her days off, she spends time scrolling her feeds only to realise her beautiful kids are doing something amazing and she has been too busy looking at other peoples kids doing amazing things. I get it. I really do. Because when I wasn’t working full time when I first had my son, that is all I did; post things on social media, read things on social media and compare myself to other mums on social media. It is not nice. So good on her for realising enough was enough. I know I couldn’t do it.

Further to that, the fact I know I couldn’t do it is sad. How many other people could never delete their social media accounts? I mean I guess if my life depended on it I would, but it would be damn hard! I have 948 of friends on my Facebook and I follow 1,220 on Instagram, with 577 following me. I have to admit I have travelled a fair amount over the years and made many friends along the way and it is nice to check in on them from time to time. If I deleted Facebook, how would I do that? If I deleted Instagram how would I be able to share my South Australian adventure with everyone on InstaStories? I think the only social media I could probably delete would be Snapchat, I used to be obsessed with it however now I have moved onto the Instagram train. Although I do still like to use the filters on Snapchat, they are much better than Instagram!

Snapchat of Kylie Jenner rather than me for obvious reasons. She looks better than me with the dog filter

Writing this has given me motivation to go through my social accounts and get rid of anyone or anything that does not serve a purpose to me, like the ‘Cessnock Memes’ page on Facebook.

FYI – this is not in any form my opinion of the lovely town of Cessnock 

Although it does make me laugh, it is quite mean as Cessnock is not as bad as people say.

I will be unfollowing any person who makes me feel less of a mum, wife or person and starting to follow people who uplift me, inspire me or make me feel good. I will be taking full advantage of not having 24/7 access to internet, phone and social media. I will be spending more time with my family, taking my dog for more walks and learning about the beautiful Flinders Ranges and South Australia as a whole.

I urge you to do the same. Turn your mobile data off when out for a walk, having coffee or drinks with a friend. Better yet turn your phone off for a day. Go out in nature and spend time with your family and friends.

That’s all from me, until next time.

To Wedding and Wine xxx

Here is a photo of my dog, Spot. Spot is happy, Spot is loving, Spot sees the positives. Be more like Spot.



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