Goals, Dreams & Ambitions: Why failing them is just as good as succeeding!

Goal: noun; the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.

Dream: noun; cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal.

Ambition: noun; a strong desire to do or achieve something.

GOALS: The Real Meaning OF An Overused Term

Goals. Dreams. Ambitions. We all have them. Do we all follow them? Maybe, we do. Maybe we don’t. #goals has 93.6M posts on Instagram. They range from body goals, financial goals, relationship goals and family goals. I must say, though the majority of the posts were of body goals. We all have a perception of what out perfect body would be. We all have people we are envious of because of their bodies. Most of us want what we don’t have. For instance, I would LOVE to have smaller breasts. Many would want my breasts or part of them anyway. I would love to have less freckles. Others draw freckles on their bodies. #goals is just one of the many hashtags people add to their social media posts when wanting interaction.

When wanting to express how they feel their life should be or how they perceive their life heading. We all have goals. We all have dreams. We all have ambition. Goals can be small, Goals can be huge. Dreams can be large and unattainable however dreams can be small and achievable within the smallest time frame. When your ambitions lead you to your goals and dreams, it is a wonderful feeling. However, how do you feel when your goals and dreams lead you down a different path, a different goal is made and all you ever dreamt of has gone out the window. Well, I am here to tell you that is NORMAL! We all change our perceptions on life, we all grow as people and we all adjust our dreams and goals to suit where we see ourselves heading or where we wish to head.

When I started this blog 3 years ago I had the ambition to write only about weddings and wines. I had little knowledge of wine however I knew I loved it and loved talking about it. I worked in weddings and felt like weddings were something people liked to talk about, learn about and hear stories about. As I have grown as a person, I have had many other topics I would love to talk about, educate people on and just express my opinion on. Therefore, the name of this blog will remain wedding and wine focused as both are things I do adore. The topics I have been writing about, are a little different and what I have experienced over the past 2 years is different to anything I have ever experienced. Obviously 2020 has been an eye opener for many of us, if not all of us. My 2019 was, I would say, worse than my 2020 and I have spent most of 2020 healing and figuring out where my goals, dreams and ambitions are heading. These have changed multiple times as my values and motivations have changed. Do you ever feel like the things you cared so deeply about once, actually mean next to nothing to you now? The people you care about the most can change in an instant. Things that you were once passionate about, now seem so insignificant. Goals that you felt were important are now not even something you want anymore. This is also very normal!

If I were to get upset about each goal or dream I had that didn’t succeed or didn’t complete, I would be a wreck. Instead, I know each step I took towards a certain goal placed me one step closer to another goal or life dream that is yet to be achieved. The pressure people place on themselves to achieve certain goals, to achieve certain successes can sometimes be detrimental to ones self worth. I have been there. I was there only a few months ago. I was there today, in fact. I looked in the mirror and after joing F45 4 weeks ago I have gone about 3 times. I had a goal to go 3 times a week. Have I achieved this goal once? NOPE. Should I make myself feel terrible about it? NOPE. The only thing I can do which is beneficial to me is to tell myself it is okay. I can go 3 times next week. And if I don’t? Well, it is not the end of the world!! I mean my bank account isn’t happy about it, but my mind doesn’t need to suffer by punishing itself for not sticking to a simple goal.

Don't Worry, Be Happy by Rifle Paper Co. | Pottery Barn
Yeah, cause its that easy you fool!

I know a goal or dream I had for the last 4 years is ‘to be happy’. I mean, come on, everyone wants to be happy! What kind of a goal is that? What did I envision would make me happy? Well never in a million years would I think that a kind of year like 2020 would make me the happiest I have been in years. Who would have thought that a year where I lost a job, took up a new job with no experience in the industry, took a big pay cut and had no social life would be the happiest I have been in years! With all the terrible things that happened this year for everyone, there has been many highs in our life. Whilst loving our jobs, having  my online business which brings me so much  joy, my husbands podcast which he absolutely loves doing and our son smashing his first year at school, it has been a great time. As I mentioned before, with all failed goals and dreams comes stepping stones to future goals and dreams. I feel like 2020 has been a huge stepping stone for many people in their future plans, goals and dreams.

8 Ways Highly Successful People Set And Achieve Goals — Dream Financial  Planning
Is this how your 2020 began?

I am in no way saying 2020 has been easy and for many it has been terribly devastating. I do hope though that all that has happened may have made many people look at their goals and dreams, their successes and failures and have learned so much from it all. Those who lost their jobs may have found passion elsewhere, started an online business or simply had the break they needed. Those who missed out on international travel may have saved money they never had been able to, they may have travelled locally which opened their eyes and taught them so much more about their own culture. Those who missed out on spending time with their loved ones may have learned and appreciated their loved ones all that much more. Even if your goals have been put on hold, have changed or even if you smashed those goals and don’t feel accomplished. That’s okay! Life is about change, growth and continually learning about yourself and others.

Spend less time focusing on what has gone wrong and more on what has gone right in this crazy crazy time we all live in! Until next time, Cheers to all of our goals and dreams. Our ambitions and plans. No matter how little or how extravagant!

Metallic Champagne Cheers TaintedTats | TaintedTats
Let’s all appreciate the big, the small and the mediocre goals we have kicked this year!

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