Hair & make up….where do I start???

Part 1 - My best friend, hair dresser & make up artist When planning a wedding there are so many things to consider. Hair & make up can often be a high priority when it comes to the bride however although they have high expectations they can often be misled by Pinterest, Instagram and my… Continue reading Hair & make up….where do I start???

My Friday nights: Then & Now

How my Friday nights turned from beers, wine and dancing until 3am to lounge, wine and cartoons A scout leader dog using only the word ‘woof!’, a wishing tree granting wishes to a blue haired girl and her purple cat, a pig who is a bossy little b!#ch and turtles who have been mutated and… Continue reading My Friday nights: Then & Now

Why I am proud my $2.85 bottle of wine!

Finding great wine for under $10.. Part 1 I am not ashamed to say I buy 3 -6 bottles of my red wine at every grocery shop. It is considered as a staple in our household. Sometimes I will spend money on wine before I will buy bread or eggs (don't judge me..!). The go… Continue reading Why I am proud my $2.85 bottle of wine!

I decided to never get married..then I met my husband..

This is not one of those sob stories 'woes me, my parents broke up so I lost all faith in love'. It is also not one of those stories where girl meets boy, knows he is the one then pulls down every wall she ever had up to protect her. Okay maybe a little like… Continue reading I decided to never get married..then I met my husband..