Five things I have learned out here

1. Nature is beautiful but also so brutal.
I always appreciated a beautiful view, don’t get me wrong. However this past few weeks has shown be such a vast range of natural wonders. The flora and the fauna of remote Australia is fascinating. The native animals roaming around their land scared of us humans – who are a minority in this part of the world – are just beautiful. Kangaroos and Emus using the trees along the side of the road as refuge from the sun. The huge Wedge tail eagles swarming the dead animals and long straight roads are majestic, their wingspan jaw dropping. The lizards making their way across the red dirt to their homes or looking for a place to tan, looking for water along the way.
The sweeping mountain ranges of the Flinders with a different landscape at every corner is just something I have never seen before. When driving the country road on one side you will see a smooth, rounded, red dirt mountain top, on the other side you will see a rocky mountain with native Australian bush and trees. The sun sets and sun rises here are different every day. The colours ranging from baby pink and blue to a beautiful blood orange mixed with deep blue. It is just something you cannot capture in a photograph.

On the other hand, we have come at probably the worst time when it comes to the harshness of Mother Nature. The drought is real out here. The animals are dying. The ground is dry. The wind is harsh. The dams and creeks are empty and the days are long. The kangaroos here are skin and bone. I will never forget one of our first days here and seeing a huge grey kangaroo – a big daddy – whom would normally be staunching on the side of the road letting everyone know who’s boss. On this particular day it was like he had lost hope. Where his muscles once were, was just skin and bone. He watched us drive by and did not flinch. A lot of them don’t. Even the ones in the middle of the road. They just stare at you with despair. It is heartbreaking.
I have seen photos of the area in the Winter and Spring months and there is hope we will get rain out here eventually and I for one cannot wait to see how nature responds. I cannot wait to see the kangaroos jumping for joy, the emus shaking their tailfeathers and the trees glowing green!

2. There are ‘normal’ things available, you just need to know where to look
When we first made the decision to move out here, I also made the decision that I would go 12 months without my hair being done, my nails or eyebrows being done, going to the gym, shopping at Aldi, buying flowers or eating healthy. Boy was I wrong. Within the first 3 weeks I have managed to find a local beauty therapist who visits the township once a month (Yes I have booked in for the whole lot – eyebrows, nails AND pedicure!) She uses the local community room at the CWA which is just so good. I also found a local community gym. It is run by a people within the community and is located inside the council. A tiny brick building that was built in the 1880s. What a find too, so much equipment, 24/7 access and at literally less than 60 cents a day! There are 25 members and it is just perfect for me.
We were also told the closest Aldi was in Adelaide or there abouts. Here we were on our first little getaway to a gorgeous town of Port Pirie driving along looking for something – I can’t remember now – and wow! There we see an Aldi sign. Hell yes!! Went straight in and bought our groceries for the month. On the down side they unfortunately did not sell liquor meaning I could not purchase my favourite $2.85 Shiraz. (Why I am proud my $2.85 bottle of wine!)
As I am the wedding contact for my new position here I have had to do a lot of research finding suppliers who are in the area or willing to travel. Including florists. I have come across some GORGEOUS florists in the region. One in particular is My Friend Billy. What a gorgeous style of flowers. I cannot wait to purchase some from her and use her here for weddings!
Eating healthy; look this was a little more tricky to figure out. The fruit and veg is not very accessible, there is no way we could grow our own and if you do find some it is overpriced. However when you look in the right places it is achievable. One, there is a fresh produce delivery service in the area that delivers each fortnight and two, we work in a restaurant that gets weekly deliveries. We are just going to place an order with the restaurant and pay the guys who pay the company. Along with freezing a lot of things we bought from Aldi, we are eating less junk and more real foods which is great! There is no KFC, which for all who know me, this is my weakness! Nothing beats some fried chicken and gravy! Whilst watching Netflix..heaven.
The one thing I have not found yet is a hairdresser, I was so close to buying a packet dye but knew my hair dresser galfriends would kill me so I have refrained. Even though I got my hair done professionally before I left the Hunter Valley, the lime and calcium in the water here has completely stripped my hair colour so that’s just great!
All in all, the rural living is not as bad as I expected in terms of availability of every day luxuries I had gotten used to in ‘civilisation’!
3. We are addicted to the internet and our phones
This is something I hate to admit and what I have previously written about (Social media: Can’t live with it, can’t live without it.) jus emphasises the issues social media and the internet has on us humans. We are currently living without internet connection at home, limited internet at work, no phone reception at home and extremely limited at work. The closest place with 4G service is 30kms away and the only internet available is satellite making it a lengthy, expensive process. I have even purchased a different providers pre paid sim card so I can use my phone at our home. The first few nights were fine as it was nice to be a little disconnected however as time has passed it is getting harder and more frustrating. I mean, I am able to access it however it is slow and it cuts in and out. The thing we miss the most at the moment is our Netflix and Stan accounts. We just took full advantage of being able to come home from a MASSIVE day at work and just chilling with a wine and watching our favourite tv shows. We have so much to catch up on! The new Grace and Frankie was released, new episodes of Will and


Grace are being released every Friday and I still haven’t finished the first season of You.

Dan Humphrys, you are creepy man!

Not to mention the craziness of the current Riverdale! Anyway, we should have internet soon. Fingers crossed otherwise I will probably start acting out the above shows, film myself and watch it back. No internet or phone make me go cray cray – a bit like this current season of Riverdale to be honest


Does anyone actually understand what the hell they are trying to achieve this season?



4. I love my husband and my son so much
This is an easy one, however it is one that moving out here should not have made me realise. Of course I always knew I loved them more than anything! Being out here with them, spending every day with them, working with them, living in a studio apartment with them and basically sleeping on top of one another has made my love grow in a way that I hadn’t felt for a while. It is a love that was put to the back of my mind when work was too busy, I was too stressed and I had no time. We now have time, wide open spaces and just so much more respect for one another. Our little Ray of sunshine is growing up so much, in just 3 short weeks he has learned so much more independence, manners and happiness. My husband and I have not worked together in 6 years so working together again has been such a positive experience! Some say working and living together can ruin relationships, not with us. My heart does not grow fonder with distance as can happen with most people. I love to see my husband, be around my husband and watch him be him. This experience, if anything, will bring us closer as a family and bring us so much happiness and togetherness. This makes me so excited!

5. I love learning.
Since being here I have had a strong desire to learn. I am looking up new courses to take, I am speaking to customers from all over the world learning about their lives. I am reading random signs, I am reading local notice boards and I am asking questions. I found the local gym and the local beauty therapist by reading the town ‘crier’, a local newsletter for the community letting them know about the current events happening in the area and local small businesses advertising. This inspires me. In a world where people are reading less, I want to use this time away from a busy metropolitan area to learn more about the people of the world and about myself. I know that although it will be tough, it will be all worth it in the end.

I hope you enjoyed this, if you did please like, follow and share with your friends my blog. I will be still writing about weddings and wine, however, there has been a bit of shift in what I am writing about and that has to do with my different surroundings and lifestyle. So bear with me and I really hope you enjoy the next few bits of writing I post up including this one! They will be a little raw and honest.
Thank you for reading and following my family’s journey.

To Wedding and Wine.